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written by Jan on April 22nd, 2008 @ 04:19 PM

I used to have 1 blog where I talked about everything I cared about, which was a mix of personal messages (“I’ve seen a movie” and “I’ve bought Guitar Hero III”) and technical messages (Rails Plugins, Akismet Bugs, …). I also mixed English and Dutch in those articles.

It came to a point where my friends and family (not-techies) started complaining that I did too much technical blogging, whilst the people who read my blog for the technical posts got annoyed by my personal blabbering.

No more! From now on all my technical blogging will move here. All in English, nothing dumbed down. My personal life and everything around it will stay on my original blog. That way I hope to keep my “fanbase” happy.

So if you’re here only for my Ruby/Rails/Tech content, hurry over and subscribe to!

It’s a hard job to maintain 1 blog with useful posts.. Let’s see what 2 blogs give ;-)


  • Pletski on 22 Apr 17:01

    Andreas Viklund is my hero :)

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