using IRB in your scripts

written by Jan on January 22nd, 2008 @ 12:54 PM

In ruby there’s a tool called IRB.. I like IRB. I like IRB a lot.. I love IRB!

IRB is a tool which lets you execute ruby expressions read from stdin. I use it a lot to inspect elements I get returned from a SOAP or XMLRPC interface, to see how to use them. Some times, however, I can’t get such an element easily, because it’s nested inside a script. The solution to this is invoking irb from within your script.

require 'irb'

@api ='foo')
@api.results.each do |result|
  @result = result

This will spawn an IRB shell for each result from the api, which will have @api and @result at its disposal to inspect and use.

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