FreeBase MapIt!

written by Jan on May 15th, 2007 @ 11:24 PM

Will Mofat is, just as me, hacking away at Freebase. He previously surprised us all with his list of spinoffs, and later with the Freebase Users on Google Maps, he now came up with a Do-It-yourself mashup.

Entrance MapIt!. According to Will, “The goal is to enable ordinary users to build their own Freebase / Google Maps mashups.”. I like it a lot. I like all the things being done with Freebase, there are still numerous things to do with all that data!

In the meanwhile, I’m still working on (u)rBase, it’s coming to its first-release-alpha stadium. I need to find the time to work on it, but if it does half the things I want it to do, it will be very exciting!!

PS: For all these examples you need a Freebase account, sorry!


  • Will Moffat on 16 May 04:54

    Hi Jan, thanks for the writeup. MapIt is still at proof-of-concept stage but I wanted to show people were I was going with it.

    The data inside Freebase just wants to be liberated from the standard (very cool and AJAXy) record view currently provided by Metaweb.

    I'm really looking forward to playing with your Ruby connector. Try not to let little things like work get in the way of hacking :-)

  • Will Moffat on 16 May 04:55

    PS I have plenty of Freebase invites if somebody needs one.

  • Jan on 16 May 08:01

    "Try not to let little things like work get in the way of hacking :-)"

    Tell that to my bosses ;-)

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